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Passive Fire Protection Services

Smart FM provide an unrivalled passive fire protection service that meets with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which must be adhered to for all non-domestic premises in England and Wales.

Our Passive Fire Protection Services guarantee and ensure peace of mind in accordance with current regulations.

Smart FM have been working within the commercial real estate sector for the last 18 years and are proud to be a tier one provider delivering Fabric Maintenance Services to some of the world’s largest managing agents including CBRE, Savills, JLL, Cushman Wakefield and Workman to which we have the required knowledge and experience. Smart Passive Fire Protection Services has been specifically introduced to meet the ever-growing demands of the real estate and commercial managing sector.




Smart FM Provide an All-Encompassing Solution to Passive Fire Protection:

  • Fire Doors & Surveys
  • Fire Stopping
  • Maintenance & Compliance
  • Installation and Repair
  • Reporting

3 Steps to compliance

Site Survey/Reporting

Contact Smart FM Passive Fire Protection via email to arrange a site survey to confirm the condition of the Fire Doors and Fire Stopping within your building


Carry out the remedial actions highlighted in your report to ensure your fire doors and fire stopping measures are fit for purpose and have been repaired/replaced inline with BS 8214 and BS7671:2018

Compliance/Peace of Mind

Once the remedial actions have been completed you can rest assured that the fire stopping measures conform with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Fire Doors & Surveys

Smart FM provide fully accredited inspections for fire doors and fire stopping compartmentation. Our experience in carrying out surveys to various properties means we understand the diplomacy required to conduct ourselves correctly within busy offices.

Following our survey, we will issue you with a comprehensive report detailing defects and solutions.

Since the 1st October 2006 and as part of the RRO 2005 new fire regulations have come in to force. The responsibility for fire safety has been placed on the person who has control of a property referred to “Responsible Person.” This means that they are expected to assess fire safety within the building they are responsible for, part of which is Fire Door and Compartmentalisation.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are an essential part of a building’s passive fireproofing strategy. Their purpose is to contain smoke and flames and reduce the spread of fire to other parts of the building allowing safe escape and emergency services time to attend.

The Fire Door itself is made up of several components including the frame, hinges, handles, locks, closers, latches, intumescent fire, and smoke seals. All these components must be maintained and in good working order to ensure the door can prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

During the survey we will check each door meet the current regulations:


  • Location: Does the door offer the correct fire protection for its location
  • Installation: Has the door been fitted in accordance with current regulation
  • Seals: Has the door been fitted with the correct intumescent strips or seal
  • Damage: Due to wear and tear are there any defects that would impede the effectiveness of the doors fire stopping ability
  • Signage: Is the signage correct and legible
  • Glazing: If the door has glazing is it suitable, installed correctly and free from damage
  • Identification: Has the door been recorded correctly and listed on the Fire Door register

Following our survey, we will issue a report listing each doors unique identification number and a description of the condition.


Many of the buildings are likely to be divided, in too separate areas. During the build or fitout, the fire stopping effectiveness of the dividing can be compromised when holes are created to allow pipes and cables to travel between areas.

In the event of a fire the compartments within your building are intended to contain smoke and flames. Any breaches in the compartments should be filled using the correct intumescent materials helping reduce the spread of fire to other parts of the building allowing safe escape and emergency services time to attend.

The survey will report on the status of the compartmentation in your building we will provide:

  • Condition: Is the existing fire stopping damaged
  • Effectiveness: Are the existing fire stopping measures appropriate
  • Assessment: Are the materials currently in place correct suitable
  • Damages: Have the existing fire stopping materials been damaged

Following our survey, we will issue a report listing all the areas that been fire stopped and their condition as well as any areas that require additional fire stopping.

Fire Stopping

Smart FM provide a complete fire stopping service to guarantee building compartments can contain and prevent the spread of fire and smoke through a building reducing the risk of property damage and injury.

Identifying areas that allow fire and smoke to spread we use compliant materials to fill and seal penetrations ensuring the fire stopping integrity is maintained.

Fire stopping is a passive fire protection system that use a multitude of materials to prevent the spread of fire both horizontally and vertically through a building. When a building is in the design stages special attention will be given to the compartmentalisation aspect of the design creating compartments which are able to restrict the spread of smoke and flames to other parts of the building. All the compartments should have passive fire protection that is able to contain a fire for a specific amount of time allowing safe escape and emergency services time to attend.

Over the life of a building there will times when the compartments are breached or penetrated, usually by cables and pipes. If these penetrations are not effectively fire stopped the effectiveness of the compartmentalisation is compromised.

If breaches in the compartmentalisation of your building have been identified these will need to be rectified. Smart FM can provide a range of fire stopping services, we will identify the correct fire stopping material in accordance with The Building Regulations 2010 Fire Safety (document B).

Following the completion of any fire stopping works you will receive a detailed Fire Stopping Completion Report for each penetration which will include:

  • Before and after images of the penetration
  • A list of all materials used to fire stop that penetration
  • Product approval numbers
  • The name and title of the engineer that has completed the works
  • A unique reference number for the individual penetration
  • A register listing each of the building’s penetrations, their locations, and fire stopping materials used to fireproof them

Maintenance & Compliance

Smart FM are proud to offer a Strategic Planned Preventative Maintenance and Compliance service that prevents the need to arrange bi-annual visits. Most Fire Doors are in high traffic areas increasing their risk of damage and are subject to wear and tear.

Not only does our PPMC service remove the worry of making sure your fire doors are inspected in accordance with the RRO we can also reduce the cost of constant surveys. Smart FM provide fixed term bespoke contracts from 12 to 60 months including any maintenance requirements. Most of the doors we maintain can be successfully repaired, removing the costly option of replacement.

We have also adopted the same system for fire stopping. Throughout the course of the year, a building may be subject to other improvement/maintenance requirements which may include large fitouts or small works project. These works can sometimes leave the compartmentalisation comprised with new penetrations or damage too existing. Not only does our PPMC service remove the worry of making sure your passive fire systems are inspected in accordance with the current regulations we can also reduce the cost of surveys whilst ensuring they are completed at the correct intervals.

Smart FM strive to take the uncertainty out of Passive Fire surveying and maintenance. We believe that by taking responsibility for your buildings we can ensure that they remain compliant not only now but in the future. Protecting your building from the devastating effects of fire is paramount, Smart FM’s Planned Preventative Compliance and Maintenance schedule will be crucial tool in ensuring your building remains compliant.


Installation & Repair

In accordance with BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installation/Maintenance Scheme all our installations and repairs are certified in accordance with BS 8214 and BS 9999. You can rest assured knowing that our highly trained carpenters have carried out their work to an exemplary standard ensuring your doors are fully compliant from frame to leaf.

Fire Stopping

Smart FM’s team of Fire Stopping skilled installers can carry out a range of compartmentation works from installation to defect remedials. Compartmentation is an essential part of a buildings fire strategy. Selection of the correct Fire Stopping materials as well as their installation by a competent person is key to ensuring fire and smoke cannot spread through a property.

Part of the RRO advises that there should be a planned preventative maintenance schedule in place to inspect and maintain completed works. Due to the ever-growing need for M&E works as well as data communication fire stopping materials are sometimes compromised effecting their ability to contain fire and smoke.

Our engineers continually install fire stopping products in accordance with building regulations and British standards. Smart FM are experienced working to deadlines, within budgets and all our works are completed to BS 476 part 24, enabling safe escape for building users, and preventing the spread of fire and smoke. We take pride in our work and providing cost effective solutions for our clients and keeping buildings and their occupants safe.


Smart FM use a purpose-built app to survey fire doors within your property. Each door is given a unique reference number recording the location and type of door along with images. The reporting system gives us the ability to automatically generate remedial actions ensuring your buildings are always compliant.

Following completion of your survey we will provide two digital documents, the first will be an overview of the all the items surveyed allowing you to see if an item is compliant or non-compliant immediately. The second digital document will detail specific reasons should an item fail the inspection, along with images and remedial action.